Sessions at VMworld 2017

About a year ago, I had the good fortune of joining VMware. The timing of it all meant that for me, my contributions to VMworld 2016 were limited to getting a sense of what the demands were like for my teammates in Technical Marketing. While it was clearly different than anything I had experienced in past VMworld events on the customer and partner side, I was looking forward to the eventual opportunity of doing what I enjoy most: creating interesting content.

As expected, my schedule is noticeably busier than last year. I’m quite fortunate to go into VMworld 2017 with the opportunity to present a handful of sessions along side my colleagues within, and across business units. Here’s the rundown.

Interpreting Performance Metrics in Your vSAN Environment (STO1206BU)
A topic near and dear to me, this session will be showing how to interpret the performance metrics provided by the vSAN performance service. Not only will this session be diving into the offerings and practical advice with the vSAN performance service, this session will look at common mistakes when attempting to analyze storage performance metrics in vSAN, and elsewhere. Bradley Mott from GSS will be joining me in this presentation for what I believe will be a session full of learning possibilities.

vSAN Operations and Management Recommendations and Best Practices (STO1178BU) **
You just deployed vSAN. Now what? Introducing a new storage architecture to your data center means you want to think about how day to day operations may remain the same, and what activities might change. Jeff Hunter and I will be discussing what are some of those considerations you may want to think about when it comes to operationalizing vSAN in your data center, and tips on how you can bring the ease of management to your own vSAN environment.

vSAN 6.6: A Day in the Life of an I/O (STO1926BU) **
With well over 900 people in attendance at this breakout session last year, this one is going to fill up fast. The session is back, but with quite a twist. One year, and three versions later, a lot has changed with vSAN. This year’s session is going to take a look at how vSAN incorporates those features when looking at the I/O path. I have the pleasure of joining John Nicholson in this deep dive of how vSAN operates. Get your geek hat on for this one.

Optimizing vSAN with vRealize Operations (STO1895BU)
vSAN users were rewarded with another VMware software update that wasn’t a part of vSAN. vRealize Operations 6.6 was overhauled with the new HTML5 based Clarity UI, and now has four built-in dashboards specifically built for vSAN using the enhanced APIs that came with vSAN 6.6. John Dias and I will be going over what these analytics can mean to vSAN users, and show what kind of unique insight vR Ops can offer when running in a vSAN environment.

**Sessions also at VMworld Europe

Choosing the right VMworld sessions for your specific interests and needs is never easy. It’s difficult to go wrong no matter what you choose. But if you have the opportunity to attend one of the sessions above, please stop by afterward and say hello!

– Pete