An introduction of sorts…

There are a thousands of great blogs out there, with extremely smart people contributing all sorts of great information. This may not be one of them. Let me explain.

Every IT Administrator that is a staff of one or two knows that your strength isn’t in knowing every nuance of one particular thing, but rather, the latitude of knowledge needed to make everything work together. The dramatic shift of gears that has to occur in my job on a daily basis is not unique, but no less surprising. From deploying a new Virtualized Infrastructure one day, to figuring out why some SQL buried in our CRM doesn’t work on the next, to getting all of our *nix systems to play with our Windows Systems nicely. It never ends. I used to think that lack of absolute expertise in one specific thing was a hinderence. Now I see it as a strength.

I’ve gotten to stand on the shoulders of many, and would be foolish to think I’ve been able to accomplish everything I have on my own. This includes mentors, colleagues, solution providers, Management teams who trusted my opinion, and those unsung heros who figured out some registry entry that needed to be changed, and chose to write about it, so that I could get some sleep.

So this is to all of those men and women who have the capability setting up multiple VLAN’s, but are finding themselves fixing the photocopier because… well, nobody else can.

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